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Ice Cave VR Experience

During my internship at Framestore Art Department over the summer of 2016, I created a Virtual Reality experience with Framestore VR Studio Intern, Will Arterton. During the course of 8 weeks, we made an explorable environment for use with the HTC Vive VR Headset. The project won first place in the 2016 Interns Project competition.

I contributed the concept designs for the environment, and the designs and animated 3D model of the Dragon.

Will Arterton created the 3D models of the environment and was responsible for the environment as a playable VR experience in Unreal Engine 4.

Katie hallaron screenshot 01

Ice Cave VR Experience Preview

Katie hallaron screenshot 02
Katie hallaron screenshot 03
Katie hallaron concept 03
Katie hallaron concept 01
Katie hallaron concept 02
Katie hallaron concept 04
Katie hallaron concept 06
Katie hallaron concept 05